Made in JAPAN

The history of “TOLI” originated with the production and distribution of “YUTAKAORI” back in 1889.
“YUTAKA-ORI” was the elaborate designed plain-woven rug using rice straw.
It was exported to overseas as a valuable handicraft at the time, which had greatly contributed to the economic growth of modern Japan.
Since then, “YUTAKA” is a significant name to us, which stands for “Origin”, “ Tradition”, and “ Pride” of TOLI Corporation.

After more than one century from that era, “YUTAKA” has been revived as the carpet tile product “YUTAKA collection”.
We TOLI Corporation have persisted in “manufacturing” over a century, and all our technologies are condensed in this “YUTAKA collection”.

We believe TOLI carpet tile “YUTAKA collection” will definitely contribute to the creation of sophisticated spaces.